CIMB e-PAYMENT CONSCIOUSNESS. Your own plastic card, automotive capital or additional funding transfers at the moment are incredibly easy!


Place their ATM Card and type in their PIN.

For Credit-based Card Transaction

1. Locate “Others”. 2. Select “Credit Card Payment”. 3. Pick “Third Party”. 4. Input your very own repayment info: – membership wide variety – Amount – Select from Account/Account-i 5. verify fee particulars.

For Hire-purchase Transfers

1. Locate “Loan/Financing”.

2. Locate “CIMB Hire-purchase”.

3. Input their installment resources:

– Choose “3rd Group Accounts”

>> “Account wide variety” or “Vehicle subscription wide variety”

– Pick From Account/Account-i

4. affirm paying facts

5. locate “Yes” to help save as Favourite Transaction

For Any Other Loan Expenses

1. Choose “Loan/Financing”. 2. choose “CIMB Loan” or “Islamic Financing”. 3. Input your fees things: – levels amount – total – choose from Account/ Account-i 5. check payment data 6. Identify “Yes” just to save as preferred exchange.


Go to Join with customer ID and go in password.

For Financing Card/Hire Purchase/Other Financial Transaction

1. Locate “Pay & Transfer”. 2. Choose “Pay Lending & Cards”. 3. input money Account amount or Card quantity, or select from ” personal membership” or “Recent/Favourite” dropdown show . 4. Input their fee data: – paying where membership

– Amount and Pay go steady – purchase instructions 5. Analysis payment highlights & push ‘turn Payment’

Hint: Read Your Own Financing/Credit Credit Balance Quite Easily Through CIMB Presses

1. check-out “My membership” 2. Simply click at “Credit playing cards” or “Loans/Financing” to review account*.

*Statement/Outstanding equilibrium & deal traditions.

Cellphone Bank – CIMB Ticks App

Lauch CIMB Presses Application

1. Select “Top Up & Expenses” 2. Choose “Pay Finance & Notes”

3. go online with biometric identification document (look ID/Fingerprint) or password

(in the event that you couldn’t turn on biometric identification ought to validate your own Secureword). 4. Start financing Account or credit Number, or choose from ‘My very own records’ or ‘Recent/Favourite’ dropdown set. 5. Input your transaction information: – amount that membership

– Levels and Cost Date

– deal instructions 6. Analysis pay highlights & touch ‘build transaction’

You can create an instant fees for business up to RM250 with biometric identification document (Face ID/Fingerprint). Password only be necessary for purchases above RM250 as enhanced protection. Activate your very own biometric ID in software options to enjoy.

The maximum bounds for fast amount dealings is definitely RM250. You’ll be able to change their Quick installment restrict via options > Speedy paying.

*Statement/Outstanding balances & transaction background.

Mobile Phone Consumer Banking – CIMB Clicks App

Lauch CIMB Clicks App

1. Locate “Top Up & Obligations”

2. Identify “Pay Lending Products & Cards”

3. connect to the internet with biometric identification document (look ID/Fingerprint) or password

(any time you couldn’t switch on biometric ID should verify the Secureword).

4. submit funding membership or cards quantity, or select from ‘My Own Accounts’ or ‘Recent/Favourite’ dropdown variety.

5. Input their fee resources:

– cost from which membership

– Numbers and Charge Meeting

6. Evaluation fees advice & mouse click ‘prepare fees’

It’s simple to render an easy paying for transaction doing RM250 with biometric identification (look ID/Fingerprint). Password will be needed for transaction above RM250 as better security. Activate your biometric identification in software options to savor.

The most reduce for fast Pay transactions happens to be RM250. You’ll adjust your very own Easy Pay maximum via methods > Quick cost.

*Statement/Outstanding balance & transaction traditions.

Idea: Read Ones Own Loan Card/Loan/Financing Harmony Easily Thru CIMB Ticks Mobile Phone App

1. pick ‘My account’ and go browsing with biometric identification (look ID/ Fingerprint) or code

(in the event you can’t stimulate biometric identification document will need to verify your very own Secureword).

2. touch at ‘Credit black-jack cards’ or ‘Loans/Financing’ explore account*.

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